Documo — A documentation theme for Ghost

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Documo — A documentation theme for Ghost

Super Themes Co.
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Make a beautifully simple documentation site on Ghost.

Use Ghost's amazing editor to write your documentation.

Simply write new posts, and organise everything with Ghost's navigation settings (two-level menus are supported).

Offers beautiful code snippets and supports images.

Includes instant search so readers can easily find what they're looking for.

Try the demo: documo-demo.superthemes.co

Get a Ghost site for $189/year (or $19/month) ➔ gloathost.com

I offer a concierge self-hosted Ghost setup for $99gloat.dev

Deal: Every purchase of Substation comes with a $20 voucher for Cove, the commenting tool built into the theme (redeemable after you start a paid Cove plan) ➔ cove.chat

About Documo

• Fully compatible with Ghost v5

• Three-column layout, which is responsive on smaller devices

• Use the navigation settings to set up your menu. Add and hide posts as needed

• Supports two levels of menu links and tags in post URLs so you can easily group posts into sections

• Flexibility and customisation without coding

• Includes full-site search

• Optionally add comments using Cove (https://cove.chat)

• Automatic dark mode

• Works on any Ghost host

Full documentation at superthemes.co/documo/docs/

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The Documo ZIP file can be immediately uploaded and enabled in Ghost.

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