Range — A modern blogging theme for Ghost

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Create a beautiful, modern blog, powered by Ghost and Range.

Highlight featured posts in the feed.

Customise your site's colours easily. Send posts as email newsletters. Add optional Authors and Tags list pages.

Charge for access to certain posts. Make posts member-only.

Add comments to foster member-only discussion.

Try the demo: range-demo.superthemes.co

Deal: Every purchase of Range comes with a $20 voucher for Cove, the commenting tool built into the theme (redeemable after you start a paid Cove plan) ➔ cove.chat

About Range

  • Fully compatible with Ghost v5
  • A beautiful blogging theme
  • Supports Ghost's latest content cards
  • Large featured posts
  • Supports free and paid memberships via Ghost's Portal
  • Fully translatable into any language
  • Lock and unlock icons reflect current user's access to posts
  • Related posts are shown beneath each post
  • Contains optional Tags list and Author list pages
  • Customisable post list: easily show or hide authors and reading time
  • A newsletter subscription form on every page
  • Three dark mode settings: device-based, or forced “light” and “dark” options
  • Built-in optional comments and page view counters with Cove (cove.chat)
  • Easy-to-edit HTML-based theme files
  • Works on any Ghost host

Full documentation at superthemes.co/docs/range/

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