Track — A changelog theme for Ghost

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Track — A changelog theme for Ghost

Super Themes Co.
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Track is a theme that lets you quickly and easily create changelogs using Ghost.

(It also works really well as a regular blogging theme!)

Take advantage of Ghost's wonderful editor and publishing experience for your changelog.

Track comes with a range of layout and design customisations making it easy to match your company brand.

You can even add a subtle banner to the top of each page to point back to your main marketing site.

Capture emails and send out future updates over email using Ghost's built-in members and newsletter features.

Try the demo: track-demo.superthemes.co

About Range

  • Fully compatible with Ghost v5
  • A smart and useful changelog theme
  • Supports Ghost's latest content cards
  • Supports multiple authors
  • Show a tags dropdown or regular navigation in the header
  • Fully translatable into any language
  • Customisable post list: two different layouts; show full posts or excerpts; show or hide authors
  • Add a banner linking back to your main site
  • An optional newsletter subscription form on every page
  • Auto dark mode, or force light mode
  • Supports member- and paid-only content
  • Built-in optional commenting with Cove (cove.chat)
  • Easy-to-edit HTML-based theme files
  • Works on any Ghost host

Full documentation at superthemes.co/docs/track/

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